TwitterAPI video upload poor quality why?




When I upload a video on twitter the quality is really poor I don’t understand why? I upload it using TwitterKit and following the instructions on documentation.

You can check on the profile @challengeboom
I’ve also tried to upload from the twitter app and there is also this poor quality.

I would appreciate a solution to watch the video with a better quality (same quality as the image before the video plays)


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Any help would be appreciated please. Why does the quality of the video is poor when it plays?

If you play video in these tweets you will notice the difference between the image before it plays (real quality of video uploaded) and when it plays you don’t see well the video particularly on desktop.

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Hi there,

Have you found a solution ? I have the same problem.
I record my video with Bandicam, when i watch them on my desktop, i got a high quality. But when i check them on twitter, i am ashamed with the poor quality.