Twitter4j Search API - search not returning any tweets since yesterday


My application uses Twitter4j API to search/retrieve tweets…and it was workign absolutely fine until yesterday.
For some reason, the API does not return ANY tweets, and throws no error, exception or rate limit etc.
Can anyone suggest, what has gone wrong? There was no change made to the code whatsoevr



i have the same problem here, how do i report error to support?


A good idea is to try again


I am using Twitter4J API for some testing. We had around 5 tweets between the period of 4th Nov 2013 to 13th Nov 2013. While setting the timeline from since to until in the query as:
Query{query=‘from:xxxxxx’, lang=‘null’, locale=‘null’, maxId=-1, count=-1, since=‘2013-11-04’, sinceId=-1, geocode=‘null’, until=‘2013-11-13’, resultType=‘null’, nextPageQuery=‘null’}

There are no results returned. I think Twitter API must return results for in between ranges.