Twitter4j problem



I’m using this twitter4j-tutorial…

… to implement a “sign-in” to our webapp.

Well, my problem is, I store the token + tokensecret, but they aren’t avaible after the twitterlogin anymore.
I think that @Autowire isn’t working correctly?

I put this in my web.xml:

    <property name="prefix">
    <property name="suffix">
<bean id="accessToken" class="com.common.MyAccessToken"/>
<bean id="oauthToken" class="com.common.OAuthToken">
    <property name="consumerKey" value="mykey"/>
    <property name="consumerSecret" value="mysecret"/>

That doesn’t seem to work, since I also get a “consumer key is null”-error because of this.
For now I just put my consumer key + secret directly in the to avoid this error, but it is the same issue as the other one I think.

I hope you understand my problem.
I get a NullpointerException at the callback here…

RequestToken requestToken = new RequestToken(accessToken.getToken(), accessToken.getTokensecret());

…because Key + Secret aren’t stored in accessToken anymore, even when I stored them there at the beginning in the login-controller…


Hope someone can help me out.
Thanks in advance.

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