Twitter4j.getHomeTimeline method not retrieving the number of tweets as specified in the count consistently



When i try to pull out twitter status using Twitter4j.getHomeTimeline(), the number of tweet received is not consistent, even though I am setting the count using paging.

For e.g. If NO_OF_TWEETS is 50, statuses.size() is not always 50

Any help would be appreciated.

    ConfigurationBuilder builder = new ConfigurationBuilder();
    // Access Token
    String access_token = mSharedPreferences.getString(PREF_KEY_OAUTH_TOKEN, "");
    // Access Token Secret
    String access_token_secret = mSharedPreferences.getString(PREF_KEY_OAUTH_SECRET, "");

    AccessToken accessToken = new AccessToken(access_token, access_token_secret);
    Twitter twitter = new TwitterFactory(;

    DbHelper dbHelper = new DbHelper(this);
    db = dbHelper.getWritableDatabase();

    ContentValues values = new ContentValues();
    ResponseList<Status> statuses = null;

    if(maxId != null) {

        Paging page1 = new Paging();
        statuses = twitter.getHomeTimeline(page1);


        Paging page1 = new Paging();

        statuses = twitter.getHomeTimeline(page1);

/* below statement does not return 50 always, sometime 49, sometimes 46, even though there are more number of tweets */

    Log.d(TAG,"No. of new Statues : "+statuses.size());


The documentation for GET statuses/home_timeline reads:

The value of count is best thought of as a limit to the number of tweets
to return because suspended or deleted content is removed after the
count has been applied.


Thanks for your reply. Do you know how to check for deleted and suspended tweets?


I am creating a little twitter app in which I am loading the tweets in a listview and adding “load more items” textview after the list of tweets if there are more tweets available.

Issue is that how can I find out if there are more tweets available as twitter4j.getHometimeline() is sometimes retrieving the less number of tweets than specified in the COUNT even if there a more tweets available. I want to display “load more items” text view only when more tweets are available.


(moving this to the REST API category since it is not related to Fabric / Twitter Kit)