Twitter4j getfavoritescount() alwasy return 0


when I use twitter4j- a java package to capture tweets like count from twitter stream, the result always return 0. what can I do ?


getFavoritesCount() will always return 0 for tweets you get from the stream - These are new tweets that have just been posted, and most likely nobody has “liked” or retweeted yet.

If it’s a retweet or quote, you need to use getRetweetedStatus() or getQuotedStatus() and then check the count.


Alternatively if you’re listening for when people like your own tweets you need to listen to the UserStreamListener onFavorite() event


really thx your reply , I have another question, when I double check the accounts status which I collected. I found some of them did not exist. I know some of them suspended by twitter, some of them delete by themselves. how can I specify them. because I only want to get those suspended account.