i would like the creator of twitter to checkout my Twitter Video on my page


Hey there Im going to be brief with some ideas that seems to me like a whole new launch pad for twitters expantion…Im introducing a challenge to my followers. the basis of the challenge is articulate compositioning witch will more than likely expand into a broader space wich is limited in my account. Now the whole idea of the challenge is to get people typing and tappinginto their creative minds wich is good but would mean better if were rewarded somehow by actualy comlpleting these challenges .seeing as we only have a 140 characters to type with ive figured the reward in these challenges would be characters in a desiginated area on the twitter site. You would acutally have to complete one challenge to even be granted access to this area .advancments are avalible with every completed challenge.this area would be viewed as the excell circle you would have to earn privlege to type in this circle through the completion of challenges…I figure this circle could mean somthing this would be a nice opprotunity for those who lets say missed out on a scolarship …having privlege to type in the exell circle would be viewed as deemable on any college application…teaming with the no child left behind would get twitter some pull in schools wrighting corriculem also millions of creative writers if havent already will rush to the twitter community ready to share their most creative copsitions for a spot in the twitter Excell Circle…Lets get launching while this site is still young