Twitter wont let me tweet, or press any buttons!


Annoying!! why does this happen? anyways, my problem is I want to tweet, send DM’s and look at others PROFILES and tweet to them but I cant as twitter doesn’t let me!! why??? I would like a reply immediately and can someone tell me a SOLUTION!! I need it quickly. BTW, I use Internet Explorer 10. Also I know how to tweet as this site allows me to! I am elated with joy about that but I still cant DM anyone or Post pictures!! I need to update… :wink: PLEASE COMPREHEND… :wink: Please can someone be a kind person and reply with a solution.I will keep checking my discussion to see if I get any replies/SOLUTIONS! Oh, and also I cant even SIGN OUT on twitter as I cant press the settings button.I cant update my profile or anything. Twitter members/TWITTER TEAM, please sort this very soon because I love twitter and I don’t want to leave it because of this ISSUE!! Thanks if anyone else has a solution or has any EXPERIENCE please share it, REPLY!! thanks ppl!! :wink: