Twitter won't allow me to create an application


I always get the same error mesage when trying to create an app on this twitter account:

You must add your mobile phone to your Twitter profile before creating an application. Please read for more information.

As you can see I added a phone number and verified it, so there is a phone number and it’s also valid.

I thought it might take some minutes to work, but after many hours it’s still not working.

Earlier on today I did the same process for another account and another phone number and had no problem creating an app. It’s worked instantly and with no issues.

Why is it not working on this account?



I am facing the same problem. I have already linked my phone number to the account but still i am not able to create an application


I also got the same problem. My phone is verified but still showing that massage. anyone has any solution for this situation?


Join the queue guys. Day 6. This forum isn’t manned 24/7 so you wont get replies unless the office shift shows up for work today. There is an ANNOUNCEMENT pinned to the top of the forum saying this has been ongoing for days. Twitter is aware of it, but can’t fix it as of yet.

The code is complex. The solution as well.


For me it worked today.
As I started this post, I guess for everyone still waiting to be able to create the app it will work soon as well.


I’ve updated the post about the issue with current status - there is still a delay between adding a number and the ability to create an application, but it should work within a number of hours. We realise this is not the performance you’ve come to expect, and will continue to work on resolving the issue.


I still can’t add my phone number to my twitter account, so I can’t create any application. Please help. Submitted form to Twitter support the 5. of September. Still no answer from support…