Twitter with Joomla 1.7


How twitter button in the CMS Joomla 1.7 is not visible


I also tried to grab the Twitter feed code but it only worked in html.
I am using Joomla 1.5.
I then tried placing the code in a custom html module.
That didn’t work as I got a 500 server error.
So I guess twitter does not support Joomla php???
Can anyone shed light on this?


We’re not familiar enough with Joomla to help you too far with this, but make sure that your CMS allows for you to enter both arbitrary HTML and arbitrary Javascript – the Javascript include is what turns the simple blockquote markup into a full-fledged tweet embed. I imagine the SCRIPT tag you’re including as part of the embed is being stripped away somehow. If you include the request to widgets.js in the core HTML markup for your site (layout), then you’ll typically only need to include it once.


Go to:
Module Manager: Modules - New
and on:
Select a Module Type: Custom HTML
And make sure on Custom output you select it on HTML mode
and paste the code from: Twitter for Websites

I hope that helps