Twitter widgets not working properly


I’ve installed WP Twitter widgets and after I put it on my right sidebar it works for a day or two then I noticed the other day it was all black.

I’ve decided to take it off and put it back again and it works again but a day later its all blank/black again. Anyone have any idea about it? Should I use another twitter widgets instead?

Check it here ->


The search you’re using doesn’t have any content:!/search/realtime/DriveRnD

Twitter’s search index only goes back 6-9 days. Anything older than that won’t be displayed. If you just want to display the content from a specific user, then you should use the profile widget instead:


The Twitter API has been recently updated and this started to affect some of our WordPress websites that use the GoodLayers Twitter Widget. It seemed to be affecting other twitter widgets as well.

We’ve found a solution that fixes it. Hopefully this helps:


Hello everybody, come one everyone its very simple!, go back to your twitter setting and just put in the domains box your domain name two time separated by a comma, one entree must be the domain name plainly without the http://www. and the next one whit www. all lowercase and that is it. UrbanSkateL said like 20 posts up this discussion. Its working perfectly form me on all browser all OS.
It looks beautiful.
Have a great day :wink: