Twitter Widgets not working in Joomla Website


I manage websites in Joomla, and over the last few days the Twitter timeline widgets have stopped working on most of them. I’ve tried updating the widget codes, but that made no difference. I’ve been reading other posts and all my sites use Mootools; unfortunately isn’t an option to update that to the latest version. Any clues on how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.

Some sample links:


Same problem for me. The solutions specified in other thread (upgrading mootols, for example) don’t work: Twitter widgets ok but other site components stops to work. Any other suggestion? Or, better, a patch directly from Twitter?


@ChrisWebStudios Thank for the info we are investigating.
@bncbrn Do you have a link to the site?


Thank you very much!


Now, on Mozilla Firefox, widgets and buttons work correctly. IE still got the same problem. Have you done something? Thank you!!!


There was an clash with the version of mootools.js used in older versions of Joomla, which caused an issue when we updated our widgets recently. We rolled out a fix for that late last week.

Be aware that with IE, our widgets support IE 9+ only.


Hello. Still doesn’t work for us (empty space in right column).

Updated the widget code today. We use mod_twitterwidget_v2.1.0.