Twitter Widgets not working in IE 10


I am a web developer for The HON Company, and we recently came across an issue with IE 10, mainly the Windows 7 platform. The issue we’re having is that although the widget’s body, frame, titles, and etc. will display, the tweets will not update. I’ve tried several different widgets, and several of the fixes mentioned here to no avail.

When running Fiddle, we pull an error message: HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden for

The error message will very occasionally pull from other browsers, but they seem to correct themselves. IE 10 will just straight up not display anything.

Does anyone have a fix for this, or another widget that can be customized easily?

Here are the main parameters I need:
The Conversation:
A public version of last years page with the issue:
We have tried to keep the styling the same from this page for the new one, and have definitely got it to work in all other browsers.

Please help! The site needs to go public shortly!