Twitter widgets not showing stream



I have a joomla site with an custom html section on the front page where I want to pull in a twitter stream. This was working a few weeks ago but I have just noticed it has stopped working and I cannot for the life of me understand why. all I can see now instead of a list of tweets is this:

Twitter feed
Tweets by @mrsrowe

What I have found is the feed may be being blocked by the security settings on my pc, or I didn’t create the widget when logged into twitter, which is kind of weird. I am completely stumped by this.

Any help appreciated


You may have set up a custom HTML section where “Twitter feed” is the section title and 'Tweets by @mrsrowe" is linked text, one component of a Twitter embedded timeline widget.

Your CMS, web browser, or an ad blocking extension may be stripping Twitter’s widgets JavaScript from loading onto your webpage.

Twitter’s widgets JavaScript is located at:

View source of a page where you expect the custom HTML element to appear. Search for to find an attempt to load Twitter’s widgets JavaScript on your page.

Disable ad blockers on your browser to view the full page without pieces removed by a browser extension.