Twitter Widgets for Wordpress


The new Twitter widgets seem not to work on websites using the platform. Once pasted the link in the Widgets area, just ‘Tweets from @USERNAME’ seems to appear, with a link to our twitter page. Wordpress seem to think that this is an issue coming from Twitter, is there a solution to this? You can seen an example of this here - (Right Sidebar, under ‘TWITTER’).


@jacobarnott did you find a resolution for this issue? I’m having the same problem embedding code into Wordpress and getting the exact same “Tweets from @username” only. thx!


Just tried this out with WP 3.5.1 and getting the same results - any update on this?


Any update? I have been having issue for weeks now with the feed not showing up.


I just had this issue and thought it was something about scripts that WP doesn’t support. However, as @froginthevalley mentioned in discussion 7704, when you set your domain name correctly, it should get working.

For example, I set my domain name only, then I realized that if I use (without www) it works.

So I have added 2 domains: and Now it works for both.

Hope this helps.


I noticed that when you save the text widget with the Twitter code in it, it will strip the Javascript portion out. Possibly for security reasons, because when I do it as an admin the entire code stays. When a normal user does it, part of the code is stripped by WP.


Even I was trying to use the wordpress widget on, but the code is not working, after saving the code disappears


WordPress deletes strings of code like .

Is there any other working online widget? The WordPress widget doesn’t work as well.
Maybe Twitter and WordPress should find a common solution, the two medias are more powerful if used together!


I can’t insert in my website Help m!


Can any one help me how to add twitter widget to website wordpress blog page with counter. Help me!.


Wordpress sitede son twitleri göstermek istiyorum site :