Twitter widget with advanced search missing title



I have created a widget with advanced search$NXT%20OR%20$NXT.L
all is working fine
Except I noticed widgets with simple search do have a title for example
Tweets about $NXT

but Widgets with advanced search are missing a title (as example I included above) and just display

Could this be related with fixing a bug as mentioned here Widget not working - Hmm, an empty timeline. That's weird. Check for Tweets

Hope someone will address this soon


It’s unrelated to the bug from yesterday and is by design.

Queries composed of search operators can lead to confusion and a poor user experience (e.g., negation) so we fall back to a simplified title whenever they’re detected.

As with any design choice, there are always down-sides, like in your use-case where use of a simple OR expression still reads nicely. Unfortunately, it’s difficult for code to tell the difference, so we err on the side of using the fall back whenever the query uses operators.

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