Twitter widget tweets disappear


The tweets in my twitter widget keep disappearing. I did some research and discovered that it is probably because of twitter’s rate limiting, which is 150 anonymous hits from a single IP address every hour. This sounds like it should be enough, but my website is for a college campus and everyone on the campus has the same IP address. Further, there are multiple twitter widgets being used on campus and it appears the 150 may be cumulative between all of them (in other words the 30 hits from Department A’s widget count against the 150 total hits that Department B’s widget gets, and vice versa.) This means all twitter widgets on campus websites go blank approximately 20 minutes into the hour.

Is there any way to fix this? If I can’t find a solution to show something in the box (perhaps the tweets as of the beginning of the day?) I will have to take my twitter widget off my site so the other departments can get a few more minutes before there widgets go blank.


Edit: Updated with current information

Twitter is no longer granting whitelisting for the REST API. For more information on this decision, please see this post by our director of Platform, Ryan Sarver:

Instead of directly querying an API method on each page load, we recommend that you instead create a cron job that periodically makes the same request, and then makes the results available to the web. Then, replace the API request from your page widget with the URL to your local cache.


Thanks, I will e-mail api.