Twitter Widget Stopped Working Suddenly


Hello, My twitter widget stopped working on my website. Never had any issues at all before but today. None of the posts appear, all I can see is the header link (Tweets by @xxx) but no tweets.
I tried recreating using same html and embedding a new one, nothing is working. Please help. Thanks!
(btw - Not a browser issue - Chrome)


We are investigating some issues on our end. Sorry about that. I’ll post an update when I have one.


Ok, thanks very much!


Yeah, it happened on my website as well in the Blue Mountains, Australia. I just have the ‘Tweets by @BlackheathWx’. This twitter widget is great, it gets viewed by many thousands of users on my site per month, its the most popular part of my site.

The Twitter timeline usually shows just below the radar image on my website:


Am thinking is a twitter glitch? Ours is also ‘Tweets by @xxx’ and still malfunctioning. Was hoping I just needed to be patient (and maybe still more patient) but nothing yet. I also love the widget. Any idea what’s going wrong?


See my new topic, this issue was resolved as soon as a did a minor update in Linux Mint.


They returned to work :slight_smile:

I take this opportunity to ask,
¿As I can mix a Search Timeline with a List Timeline?
sorry for my English , I am using translator


Everything is back to normal. Sorry about trouble.

@autos_en: Please open a new thread and we can help you out.


Same trouble with embeded feeds at Wordpress sites: and - used to work, today they suddenly don’t. Using the “widgets configurator” copied code into a text widget. Tried a Twitter plugin, no luck. Please help!


Is not fixed. Still experiencing same problem. Created new, embedded again, and still fail. Please advise.


Can confirm still not working in any of the browsers on my site (Wordpress based). Also, the configurator does not show a preview if I try and create a new widget (or review existing one)


Widget is now working correctly for me. Just took a little time after their Linux update.
Thanks, indianburger Twitter Staff

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