Twitter Widget stopped displaying tweets


The Twitter for Websites widget has been working fabulously for weeks on our in-development website:

Suddenly, a few days ago it stopped displaying tweets. Now every once in awhile, it just won’t display them. What is happening?



Here is the script I’m using:

			new TWTR.Widget({
			  version: 2,
			  type: 'search',
			  search: 'from:TheatreInPark OR @TheatreInPark',
			  interval: 10000,
			  title: '@TheatreInPark',
			  subject: 'What People Are Saying...',
			  width: 245,
			  height: 323,
			  theme: {
				shell: {
				  background: 'transparent',
				  color: '#ffffff'},
				tweets: {
				  background: 'transparent',
				  color: '#ffffff',
				  links: '#c49d63'}},
			  features: {
				scrollbar: false,
				loop: true,
				live: true,
				behavior: 'default'}


Same issue for me. The code generator doesn’t seem to work either :


Same issue is with me. The tweets are not appearing in search widget. My complete code is given below. Please suggest what is happening wrong with the widget.


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