Twitter Widget shows "empty timeline" if "only show top tweets" is unchecked


I am trying to set up a Twitter widget to display tweets from a specific user containing any of the specified hashtags.

I have set up the timeline source as “Search” and I am using the following query:

from:SpecifiedUser #hash1 OR #hash2 OR #hash3 OR #hash4 OR #hash5

Set up like this, I get no results and it says “Hmm, an empty timeline. That’s weird.” However, if I enable the option “Show only top Tweets” then it works but only shows the top tweets. How can I get it to work without that option enabled? I would expect to see more tweets with this option disabled but for some reason I am seeing none.


How many Tweets from the specified Twitter account with hashtags matching your search occur within the last 14 days?


I have the same problem. Does this have to do with the number of tweets? In my case - user + hashtag - it’s about 1 tweet a week.


some problem here with query from:@tonytonyjan AND #taiwan.

I can find 1 tweet in website, but in widget, there is nothing if “only show top tweets” is unchecked.


The one result displayed on is from two months ago. The search widget does not search against archival content, just the last 1-2 weeks.