Twitter widget scrollbar weirdness


Morning all,

I’ve been trying to integrate the twitter widget into the frontpage of our website. I did this before and I can’t remember if the issue I have now was there in the past or new, but neither the less I need some help.

I have a used a blank page to remove the website as a key factor is the issue, so we have a blank page and just the script from the widget page.

I have two sets of scrollbars, the internal one which scrolls the tweets that is fine I want this feature. Now the weird bit is I have anexterior scrollbars on the widget, you can move about 5 px up and down showing nothing below or above the widget. I want this bar gone as it’s an eyesore and completely useless to boot.

I’ve tried the data-chrome=“noscrollbar” but that effects the interior scrollbar not this external one.
As i said this is on a completely blank page so this isn’t a case of the widget in a smaller area and it needs the scrollbar, if i make the widget 50x50px or 5000px it makes no difference it’s something coming down with the request from Twitter

Any help is more welcome as Google searches have returned nothing.




seriously, no one knows the answer to this?