Twitter widget problem


I created a widget on twitter and I used the following settings:

Height: 600
Theme: Dark
Link Color: Default

This is the HTML that was generated:

Tweets by @3MillenniaTours

But on my page all i see is this:

Tweets by @3MillenniaTours

See example here:

No actual widget. Just a link.

Anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong?



For some reason, my code did not post properly above. Trying again:

Tweets by @3MillenniaTours


Anyone have any ideas what is wrong? Thanks.


Are you pasting the code into a raw template, or into the text area of a CMS or higher-level builder tool? You should check in the output of the page whether the that is output in the page is the same as the script that you put in; some systems apply filters that can break them.


I figured out the problem. I run a plug-in on Firefox called adblock. With this plug-in enabled, your twitter widget does not work. The weird thing is, is that no other wordpress twitter plug-in, or html twitter feed grab that I tried, was affected by this plug-in. Just the one that was created by twitter itself.

I really like the official twitter widget, but I can’t use it. I am afraid that too many people out there also use some sort of adblock on their browsers and would therefore not see my twitter feed.

Thanks though.


I’m experiencing the exact same issue. I will have to ditch the official twitter widget too. Shame!


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