Twitter widget often doesn't remove non-JS placeholder, looks ugly :(


We use twitter widgets quite much at, e.g. at
One thing we noticed happening lately is that twitter status widget often does not remove the pure HTML placeholder and everything starts looking ugly as on this screenshot

Docs say that this HTML placeholder is supposed to be displayed only for non-JS enabled browsers, well, nowadays quite often it stays both in Firefox 22 for Mac and in Chrome 28 for Mac (something like in 20-50% of cases in our experience).

Interestingly sometimes placeholder is removed, but widget is displayed in a double size still and you can see the loading spinner there.

I managed to figure out one clear symptom. When placeholder text is not removed, you can see the following error message in the JavaScript console:

[14:41:13.153] TypeError:…) is null @

Please, help.
Or have anybody figured a workaround?