Twitter Widget Not Working


It use to work on Firefox. Not any more, but it works on IE.

I had the widget working fine on Firefox, but noticed I just get the twitter widget box with “Join the conversation” and nothing else.

I went and created new source code (I noticed it changed since I last created the code), copied, pasted, and even corrected the missing “http:” in the source code as discussed in other threads here.

That just shows “Tweets by @CamLaversDesign” and nothing else.

I have since noticed it works when I use IE.

See the results in the old style code here:
and the new style code here:

Again, if you use IE it works, but doesn’t if you use FireFox


These widgets are deprecated and will completely cease functioning this Spring. See [node:10248] for the modern replacement.


As mentioned in my original post, I tried the new Embedded Timeline at and it’s not working when viewing with Firefox.


My Twitter feed is empty on my website. This is the code I am using. Did something change again?