Twitter widget not working properly


i am making a portfolio wesite and i want to put a twitter timeline in it
when i use the creator of twitter it only gives me a link and not anything like the example
this is my code:

about me

about myself


Tweets van @marponsa

About myself

plz help meeeee

Settings/Widgets blank

There is a currently a problem in the HTML code generated for embedded timelines: the value for data-widget-id is empty. We are investigating the problem, but for the time being, the only workaround is to get the value for data-widget-id from the URL of the widget configuration page: that page’s URL is of the form, with XXXXXXXXXX being the widget id.


is there any other way that i can get a twitter feed in my website
i need to have it done in about 3 weeks(school project)


Just go to, edit your widget, and copy the widget id from the URL (the XXXXXXXXXX in Then paste that id in the data-widget-id attribute in your HTML (it should become data-widget-id=“XXXXXXXXXX” with XXXXXXXXXX being your widget id).


Sorry about the bug. It is fixed now. You should see data-widget-id in the code snippet.


Sorry but that doesn’t work for me neither using FF nor Chrome. I today created the widget to include an my website. It’s all empty.
BTW, even when I create it in my Twitter Account Settings, it shows no data.
Any further help please?

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