Twitter widget not working properly in iWeb?


I wanted to have a Twitter widget on the website of our organisation, that would show a couple of latest posts as well as would allow to follow our Twitter. If I use Twitter made code and paste it, it is not the nice flash-based animated Twitter widget but merely a not-formatted link to ‘follow us on twitter’. What should I do? There are no tutorials online yet for this new widget…
Waiting for any tips!


I am having the same issue. Did you ever solve the problem?


I am having the exact same problem! I’m going to do some more searching on the web, but if anyone figures it out before I do, please let me know!


I was experiencing the same issue when I first started messing with it, and once you set up your widget it would only show "Follow@TheAffiliatPool. This is what I did… I found that I had two actual versions of the widget set up, two different sizes, and if I did not save them as well as clear the browswer history it would conflict with the communication with twitter; if you have a WordPress version you will want to clear the cache as well as browser history. You may also want to run a CCleaner on your desktop? I have windows so it may be different with a Mac…