Twitter Widget not working on site


I can’t seem to get the new Twitter Widget to work properly. I’m testing it out on this website :

It doesn’t show up working correctly for, and I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong. I know code, and I thought I put it in correctly.


it doesn’t show up on mine too – you’re not the only one.


@LaviHendin - If you load that same URL with www ( you’ll see the widget. This means your embedding code is right; you just need to edit your widget and add the naked domain without WWW to the list of allowed domains.


The Twitter API has been recently updated and this started to affect some of our WordPress websites that use the GoodLayers Twitter Widget. It seemed to be affecting other twitter widgets as well.

We’ve found a solution that fixes it. Hopefully this helps:

Tweets by @TroyDLive

Is something wrong with mine? aye yi yi

Trying to create my site with Weebly



Another alternative to struggling with the default Twitter widget is to use a third party service that focuses on providing beautiful, reliable social widgets. For example, check out Tint ( ). It lets generate a highly flexible, customized widget using one or more Twitter accounts (including hashtags!).


Hello everybody, come one everyone its very simple!, go back to your twitter setting and just put in the domains box your domain name two time separated by a comma, one entree must be the domain name plainly without the http://www. and the next one whit www. all lowercase and that is it. UrbanSkateL said like 20 posts up this discussion. Its working perfectly form me on all browser all OS.
It looks beautiful.
Have a great day :wink:


Might work for you! on Chrome - Have added both with into domain box. comma used in between. Get correct results on twitter configurator but after cut and paste code into HTML editor on page creator and publish “Hmm, empty timeline, that’s weird”. With a button “Check for tweets”. After two clicks, not one, this will open a full twitter page with expected page - Defeats the object of embedded the twitter feed!!! See bottom of page for example.
Come on twitter - please fix problems as is obviously a problem as many people are and have been demonstrating for some time. Currently looking for third party solution - Any recomendations?


I embedded the code onto my site. It worked for a couple of days. Then all of a sudden the scrolling feature didn’t work. I am confused.


Didn’t work for me, same thing, stuck on one post and no scrolling.


I wanted to post here that it’s important on Chrome to remember what extensions you have enabled.I have a Twitter and Facebook feed on my website,

I’m using Wordpress and embedding the code within a Theme. It always looked fine on my GS2 and iPad, but my Chrome browser NEVER loaded the widgets. I disabled “Disconnect” 5.3.0 and “Facebook Disconnect” 1.3.0 and all of the sudden, my site looks fine in Chrome. I sure hope that this helps you!


I have followed the suggestions above to fix our twitter widget (in a text widget box) to no avail. Any additional help would be most welcome. I’ve copy and pasted in the widget a million times at this stage.


Como publico mis twits en facebook. Me gusta en el cuadrito que tiene el color azulito en la parte superior pero no se si es una aplicación o un servicio diferente tal como uber social o algo por el estilo

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