Twitter Widget not working on Internet Explorer but it works on Chrome, Safari and Firefox!


Im using WordPress 3.5.1 and the Twitter Widget works fine on Chrome, Safari and Firefox but it wont show up on Internet Explorer. It only shows the Link like many People described in many forums. I tried everything (with www and without, with *. and a lot of other so called solutions) but nothing works. A large number of People use IE to browse the Internet and it is pretty annoying that your widget wont show up on a Major Browser like IE. I dont understand why you launched a new widget without testing all its functions first and why didnt you swap back to the old version after all those bad user experiences?
We love twitter and we want to use it, let’s fix this!


I agree, I have been having the same problem, and ready to dump Twit again! Gets to be annoying when you can’t log in the browser you are accustom to.


Is there a fix for this yet?