Twitter Widget not working in Joomla 2.5


My twitter widget has suddenly stopped displaying on my website (
I have disabled mootools using a plugin, but widget will still not display.

Does anyone know what the issue could be?




Checking the console an error appears that says “Widget configuration is not found” which means that the widget ID you’re using might be invalid. Could you please go back to the configuration page on and copy the embed code anew?

We’ve fixed quite a lot of the MooTools conflict problems this week so hopefully that won’t be a cause of problems any more, but on your site there is the configuration error. Try pasting the widget again and that should set you straight.




Hi @FamilyRightsGp,

It looks as though this bug was related to a different issue we had with widget loading this week. We got a fix out today that has restored the widget on your site. Apologies for the confusion.