Twitter Widget not updating


Hi there,

I’ve created a Twitter widget (Settings -> Widgets) for a client and implemented it in his website. The widget worked fine until a couple of weeks ago. My client did change his Username and after that, the twitter feed did not update anymore.

I’ve deleted the widget and created a new one, but that doesn’t help. When I create a new widget and enter the username, a preview is shown. This preview only shows the tweets until the date my client changed his username… When I go to his twitter page, there are many other tweets since then.

He was using StemEventsNL before and the Widget worked fine. Then he did change his username to StemEntertainNL and de widget stopped updating. When I delete the widget and create a new one, it only shows tweets until 4 weeks ago. He also started a new account using StemEventsNL so that one is active, with just a single tweet.

Does someone know what’s wrong?


The widget does not show replies by default. If you want replies to be displayed, in the widgets settings screen make sure “Exclude replies” is unchecked.


Hi Vincent,

Thanks for your reply. That was the problem, the option Exclde replies was checked. And I even didn’t see that all ‘Tweets’ since the last 4 weeks, were replies!