Twitter Widget not showing content


I’ve having a problem with a Twitter Search Widget i’m using on multiples websites.
The widget is loading but no content is shown. Only the #CanadaMIPTV search tag is showing for about a second and then disappear.

I’ve used the same widget on another site and it was working properly at the time. Now, the same embed code, who was working perfectly about a month ago, is not working anymore.

Here is the website in question:

Is there some server configuration required to make this work?
Any ideas why it’s not working?


I was able to reproduce your issue in Chrome 42 and Safari 8. The site worked as expected in Firefox 38.

Removing the AddThis JavaScript fixed the problem. I have not yet investigated the conflict or behavior of AddThis JS.


I’ve found that another script (jQuery mmenu) was the bad guy in this story.
I’ve delayed the Twitter Widget script execution after the jQuery mmenu script and it work as expected.

Thanks for the feedback