Twitter widget loading tweets from another twitter account?


I have come across an odd problem that I have never experienced before.

I have created an app and generated all the OAuth Customer and Access keys and tokens. I am using the wordpress plugin called “Latest Tweets Widget”. Once I put in all the codes, I got a message saying that the account was verified with the correct user.

Once I visited the front end of the website and looked at the feed, I noticed that the tweets that were loading were from a different account altogether…

I tried deleting the app and creating a new one, but the same tweets are showing (not tweeted by my account).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A Twitter User Timeline widget may define a Twitter account stored in the widget ID which can be overridden using the data-screen-name attribute. If you are seeing an unexpected timeline displayed it’s likely the widget ID used for the widget references a different account.

Try creating a new Twitter User Timeline widget with a widget ID associated with the primary account you would like to display. If you would like to programmatically switch the displayed account on different pages you should add a data-screen-name attribute.


Thank you very much for the suggestion, it is working now!

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