Twitter widget js conflict


Good evening,
I put the twitter widget code in my site but it created a javascript conflict with other scripts. For example it stopped the pop up of my AddThis plugin. How can I fix the problem? Thx.


Try re-copying the script, as well as making sure there is a space between your entry and older entries and plugins. This will in-sure that you did not miss a piece of the Java from twitter, and spaces will allow no conflicting with other c
odes and plugins.


Not works for me but thx :(( …
This is a problem also recognized by AddThis but they still working on it, so I asked to twitter.


Good luck with that … :slight_smile: You may have to find a re-placement plugin, if you know which one is conflicted.


I do not lose hopes :slight_smile: I think I will replace twitter official widget with another one because it is in conflict with all pluging for sharing content…

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