Twitter widget.js called from Thunderbird RSS feeds opening unwelcome browser windows for 1 pixel image


Boy, I’ve gone around and around on this one, so please forgive me if this is still not the appropriate place for this. Feel free to point me in the right direction, or straight to hell, if that is more suitable…but here’s the thing…

I use Thunderbird to read RSS feeds from many sites, most notably theCHIVE, and when I read a new message from their feed (for example, it forces open a new browser window (in my default browser, Firefox, not in Thunderbird itself) and loads, a 1x1 pixel gif image.

This has also happened on a few other sites, but it is most reliably reproducible on theCHIVE ( and its sister site theBERRY ( from their RSS feed when read in Thunderbird.

I have finally traced it to a line of code in the Twitter share button that calls

Here’s the line:


I don’t know enough javascript to know how to stop this behavior, whether it is a twitter widget issue, or a website-using-the-widget issue, or whether I am the only person in the world who has been irritated enough by this strange behavior to go so far to track it down, but if some bright twitter API wizard could take a look at it and give me some (ANY!) information, I’d really appreciate it. If I could make it stop altogether without resorting to editing my hosts file to block any and all traffic from, it would be a far more favorable solution!


A solution suggested elsewhere is to install AdBlockPlus and add a custom filter for ||

I’ve done that and it’s stopped Thunderbird from pointlessly launching my browser to show a 1x1 pixel image.



This is really interesting, thanks for the report. I’m not sure if it’s something I can directly fix, as it’s quite dependent on the browser-like environment Thunderbird is providing. I’ll see if I can work out a bug report for the Thunderbird developers though.

(What’s happening is there’s actually a POST request made to jot when Tweet Embeds are initialized, and Thunderbird is throwing that into a new browser window rather than it happening inline, despite having allowed the frame to be created.)

In general, I’m surprised that an RSS reader is executing script at all, and you can definitely also fix this issue by turning JavaScript off in the Thunderbird settings.


Rampaging script in web widget

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