Twitter widget is returning 400 bad request only on one network


I’m building a site for a client and the twitter feed is not loading on their network. It seems to load fine everywhere else, but on their network I get a 400 bad request. I can’t tell anything else from the error message, anyone know why this might be happening?


This is likely rate limiting within that particular network. Widgets make API calls unauthenticated, which means there’s only 150 unauthenticated requests per hour per an IP address. Those calls can be exhausted by any non-authenticated use of Twitter on a shared IP address.


Hi sorry to reopen this question, but I hope someone could help. I am having the same problem with the widget. Is there a way to have unlimited requests so the widget works all the time?

Please help.


Move to the new [node:10248] widgets instead – they are rate limited very differently. The old widgets are deprecated and will cease functioning very soon.