Twitter Widget Images Bringing Page Insights Score Down


Hello, the images in the twitter widget on a client site are the difference between 60 and 85 score on Google’s Page Insights. There’s other things to be improved on the site but those images are killing it. I see there is no option to not show the images now, which is just crazy. Can’t understand why they’ve ditched that option?


Are you able to provide a link to the relevant site where the widget is installed for one of the team to investigate? What is the specific issue that Page Insights is highlighting?

The choice not to show images is no longer available as the Tweets should be displayed per the intent of the original poster i.e. if images are included in the Tweets then they should be displayed in the widget as they would appear in the timeline.


Hi Andy, thanks for the reply. Just seems weird to not offer the option. The site only shows our own tweets and as I’ve read on numerous threads about this, on our websites, we might not want the images there as it can mess up the layout. On this particular site, the images being there is no issue to us, but for the effect on the page insights. There are other sites I have designed though that will look dreadful with the images in place so the widget will have to be removed altogether.

When it is in place, I get the optimize images warning and in there most of them are… and I get 54/100 desktop. If I remove the widget, I get 85/100 so I’m assuming it’s these images. I know Page Insights isn’t the most reliable and is very random in its results (actually with the twitter widget removed just now I got 78 when it was 85 yesterday), but the twitter images seem to be having a big impact.

This is the page in question:



Hey Jon. I understand the frustration this issue is causing you.

What I can tell you right now is that we’re going to use this as a data point to look into some new ways we might be able to optimise our widgets, and apologise for the issue you’re seeing.

However, at the moment I’m unable to commit to a particular plan to resolve on behalf of the web team, so while we really appreciate the information and feedback, this is an item for us to look into in the medium to longer term rather than something we can immediately help you to resolve.