Twitter widget hijack?


We are having inappropriate tweets appear in the twitter widget on our website, but these same tweets are not displayed in the hashtag when searched. Our widget is set to display tweets hashtagged #rvsed.

Is there something that we can do to fix this? I have currently disabled the widget on our homepage as these tweets (mostly about terrorism) keep appearing on our school board twitter feed widget located on pulling in the hashtag #rvsed
But the widget is still visible here

Thank you for any suggestions.


I believe it means twitter has sort of transparent-ed the tweets in question. They have hidden those accounts from search though it still must be detected via the widget you can try search parameters like
from:account account replace with the account
-word remove certain words from being detected


Have you configured your widget to exclude potentially sensitive content by selecting the “safe search mode” selector?


Yes we have the Safe Search Mode box toggled in Settings, Widgets. As of now, no further inappropriate tweets are coming through, it was just on Friday for a few hours. Strange…