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My name is Billy Lutz. I am affiliated with Bonafide Boarding. We are looking at putting a twitter widget on our website. The only problem is that when we put the code into our site, nothing shows up. The code appears to be vertically spaced to not allow our site to read it. Can you please help me out with this? Thank you for your time.

Billy Lutz


Hi Billy, would you please include the code you’re pasting into your website’s HTML (or a link to the site in question)? If you could also elaborate on “the code appears to be vertically spaced to not allow our site to read it” that would help - I’m not completely sure I understand what you meant by that.


That would be the code. And when we put it in the website nothing happens. I am not sure why this is…


Seems to work fine for me, make sure you’re including a script tag with


Same thing is happening here… it just displays a blank square, no tweets. Here’s my code, was working a few days ago…

Pieter's twitter


It looks like there’s currently a bug with the API server which breaks widgets. We don’t have an ETA on a fix, but you shouldn’t have to do anything in the meantime – we’ll fix this on our end as soon as we can.


Any updates…I am having the same issues with my profile widget…


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I cant write because of this damn error. There is no word!


ok, quick question, even though at the time of grabbing the widget code i had kept the preference to Do not show TIMESTAMPS, but they’re appearing(as fas as i can remember it was working fine earlier). I double checked and the timestamps is set to “false”, so why do i see them now?


Hello, my widget was working fine till last week. Since then I have the same problem as written above. The space for the widget is displayed as empty frame but tweets won’t appear.


How do you add a scroll to your twitter widget?


How do you filter the search widget to contain only the most recent tweets (say in the last 3 days) and have them ordered by date? Can this be done?

Here is the code we are currently working with:

Thanks in advance for your help.


I have been designing 3 versions of my website with Dreamweaver. I had the twitter widget in all three and when I previewed the pages in the browser, they worked absolutely fine until yesterday. When I try to preview the page in the browser (i’ve tried all the browsers - IE, FF, Chrome), nothing comes up at all, not even a box. I tried copying the code from twitter and re-pasting it into the html, but it still doesn’t show up. Since they were working fine and then all the sudden stopped without me even touching anything in the html, I’m thinking it’s something with twitter. Do I have to change a setting in my account or something?


same issue here didnt change nothing and yelled at my twitter guy and just locks up my website software and shows nothing …


we need to get this taken care of its making my website building impossible… its been almost 2 days whats the heck is going on over there !!!


Can you explain the issue you’re having? When you’re viewing the site and the widgets are not appearing, are you doing os when loading the pages from a web server or just directly from the filesystem?


The same thing has happened to me. It still works for published pages, just not on local machine. IE9 locks up for several seconds and finally displays page but without Twitter widget. Safari 5 doesn’t lock up but also doesn’t display widget. Very tedious for developing!


Same thing happening here. I pasted the code in html, but nothinig shows up when “previewing.” I am using CS4 with Dreamweaver


My twitter profile widget was displaying fine until about 3 days ago. I’m using iweb. Copied and pasted a newly generated html code from twitter and it still does nothing.


Same problem for me. Twitter widget works on published web pages, but has stopped working (did work before) on local file system copy of website.