Twitter Widget goes down frquently



Am using twitter profile Widget in my code and it goes down very frequently in my dev environment ,Will it be the same case in the production.

Please let me know if any fix ix there for this .reffered but was no reply there ,Mine is also the same requirement.

my code


What do you mean by “goes down frequently”? Do you run out of quota? Profile widgets use anonymous API calls, which are capped at 150 / hour / IP address. Most users never notice this limit, but a developer reloading a page in development frequently might use that up quickly, causing a blank widget.


This has happened very frequently for us as well. It works on and off atleast 6 times a day.

Please advise

URL where widget lives:


10 am this morning…not working already.

Twitter, why do you implement widgets that cannot be continually developed? WHY !


So what is the fix for this?


I strongly recommend using the new Twitter widgets, we just launched some new customization options which should allow you to integrate it into your site better. They are also not subject to rate limits.


I did not see that was from 1 year ago. Anyways, still valid info!


It’s strongly recommended to use the new Twitter widgets. They are not subject to rate limits. Here is the documentation for them.


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