Twitter widget for lists


On after choosing a list for example Twitter NBA and a click on the “Join the conversation” Link there doesnt open the twitter list!/twitter/lists/nba-7. Instead "Sorry, this page doesnt exist. The link without “lists” however!/twitter/nba-7 work fine. This is occurs at all my built in Twitter list widgets but on the page too.


Thanks for the report.



Any idea when this issue will be fixed? Thanks.


Don’t have a date yet, sorry.


I’m having this same problem with a List widget. I hope it can be fixed soon!


Same problem for me. Thought I was doing something wrong, so I’m glad I found this thread. Is there any way to edit the embed code to use a working URL?


i am having the same problem… hope twitter fixes it fast… and also provides a way to have users join the conversation without logging in to twitter… but using a re-Captcha form to block spammers… https:// … ofcourse…



7 weeks later: “Join the conversation” works again.


same problem, unable get the conversation Any idea to fix it


These widgets are obsolete. Use the new ones


Hello everyone,

First of all nice to meet you everyone in the community. I am completely desperated with twitter widget in html. I use the next code and it works fine in wordpress but it is impossible to make it work in a different application like windows publisher or Blue Griffon. In instead of working it shows the next:

Tweets de @mariogll/ingenier%C3%ADa-y-ciencia

I only want to see one of my list in my website :frowning:

Can you help me? Thank you so much!!!

This is the code:

Tweets de @mariogll/ingenier%C3%ADa-y-ciencia


The widgets are made to only run via web servers, not within applications loading from the local file system.


Hi, does anyone know how to create the actual list needed for a list widget? I’m not a developer so trying to work this out is very difficult!

Many thanks


Hi @episod. I have built an app using dreamweaver. I Included the twitter widget code which displays once the code has been run. This works but when I navigate back to the page that the widget is on (when pressing back on the browser) it only displays the text saying “Tweets from @GrantMcLean27/testlist2”. Is this because the web pages are not live and only being displayed by dreamweaver through firefox? Please help.


How can we remove the “Tweets from a list by” line on the widget? We are using the new API. Thanks for any help you can give.


If you want Code to creat a custom one that should run in any environment so long as you have some jquery 1.8.1 + AND PHP enabled it should work out just fine…
I have a demo up here, I was using this as a test area…


thanks it is good