Twitter Widget Down



I installed the Twitter Widget on my .org website a couple of weeks ago. It was working fine. Now it is down. I tried deleting and reinstalling, using the same process of taking the text from Twitter and putting it in the text box on the side bar in my widgets - nothing. Looks like others have reported some problems with this, but looks like they were supposed to be resolved now. Any ideas anybody? (


Hi @AcocksGreenFG, I am having the same issue on my website. It looks like you got yours back up and running. Any suggestions?


Hi Sarah - nope 'fraid ours is not back up and running. There’s just a line saying @AcocksGreenFG timeline, but nothing actually happening there. There should be a display of the last Tweet, complete with the icon and then a down arrow to get lots more tweets. I double checked in case it was showing in Explorer but not in Firefox (which is what I normally use) but zilch there, too.

Anyone else any ideas to help us both?