Twitter widget does not work in Plone website, the same script does work in Sitecore


I generated the following code to embed a Twitter widget on my websites for my account @amecboard:

Tweets over “@amecboard”

It works fine in my Sitecore website, (bottom right).

The same code however does not work in my Plone website, Here it just shows the line “Tweets over @amecboard”" (bottom left).

Any ideas on how to solve this?


It appears that on your Plone website, the data-widget-id attribute is missing from the embed code (<a class=“twitter-timeline” …>.)

If your CMS is stripping the embed code out, you can try changing the embed code like this. Where the original embed code looks like this:

Tweets over “@amecboard”

Change it to this, with the widget ID as a camelCased query-string parameter instead:

Tweets over “@amecboard”