Twitter Widget displays incorrectly on my webpage


Hi everybody,

on this webpage the twitter widget does no show the " yesterday · reply · retweet · favorite " links line.

However, it reserves space for these links, yet does not display them. Previously, I tried it with the very same widget from my old page, which displayed correctly on the old page (xhtml1) and not on this (html5). Yesterday, I generated a new widget from twitter and checked it (locally, without upload to my web space), also not working.

Anyone an idea?

Many thanks



Sorry can’t help you. In my case the Profile Widget doesn’t display at all on my web page and when I tried to attach a follow me button, the html code turned into a text link only with the “follow me” twitter logo (graphic) completely missing.

Am I doing something wrong? I am attaching both functuons in the same way as I usually attach say html coded banners to my site. Yet still no luck.

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