Twitter Widget blocked by AdBlock


Hello all,

I’m actually experiencing a problem regarding the Twitter Widget. When I generate it, I’m unable to have the preview. I copied the HTML code to my website, and same issue…

I disabled AdBlock on my computer for test purposes. Now it’s OK, but I don’t want to put a message on my website for users to disable their AdBlock…

Do you have any solution to fix this problem ?

Best regards,


Hi Alexandre,

There’s unfortunately nothing we can do about over-zealous adblocking extensions blocking our domain or script URL. Of course, our embedded widgets don’t serve any ads, and more than that we enthusiastically support the Do Not Track proposed standard that’s native in web browsers, and we allow publisher’s mark-up to opt-in to DNT on their user’s behalf for that site.

It’s infuriating that some of these extensions take an incredibly unintelligent approach to third party script, given that people trust them to block ads, not content. It’s been the cause of numerous confusing bug reports for us over the years.

My only advice here is that if you have a specific AdBlock extension that’s causing the problem, please complain to the author of the extension.



Thank you for your quick answer :slight_smile:

I will send a mail to AdBlock support team