Twitter Widget Being Blocked



Not sure where to place this topic when it comes to category, but for the most part I already know some understand the issue here. I know what’s going on with the widget. There’s a shield enabled for privacy protection, but I’d like the Twitter widget to work on the website without having to constantly disable the protection. And if this is the case for my browser, it surely is the case for all other browsers. I don’t want it to be a task to see a Twitter feed on my website. I want it to be visible as soon as you open up the page. Now I see people have made temporary solutions such as disabling the shield on the browser or just using a different browser. I want a permanent solution for everybody to find it visible without any hassle. Is this a possibility?


Fix on the category, but no help at all.


Are you using any ad or script blocking extensions in your browser? (what is the “shield” you’re referring to?). Twitter widgets work well across the internet with the majority of web browsers, so I’m surprised that you’re having issues.


The only extension I seem to have is a video downloader and it was doing this before I even got the extension. No ad block on the browser. The shield is a firefox only feature I believe. However an employee of mine has Internet Explorer with what I assume 0 extensions and it blocks the Twitter widget as well. It’s an outdated browser, but it should be no excuse for something so basic as a widget. The shield I’m referring to is this:

I just want it to be available for everybody. Not just a specific group.


Twitter’s web widgets do require more recent versions of Internet Explorer (at least 10, and not running in IE 8 compatibility mode) in order to load.

I’ve not been able to reproduce this using private browsing mode in Firefox 52 using as a test domain (there are embedded Tweets and timelines on that page). Are there any Javascript errors in the developer console of your browser? This sounds very strange.


do you see the twitter timeline here ??


Yes, that works fine in Safari 10, Chrome 58 and Firefox 52 running in default mode on macOS.

However, with private browsing mode on Firefox enabled, I see this error in the console:

The resource at “” was blocked because tracking protection is enabled.

This is expected behaviour. If the Javascript is not able to be loaded, the widget cannot be rendered. This is browser behaviour, and this is not something that we can control.


By any chance I could produce a widget without javascript?


You may be able to build something yourself - the widgets that we provide via do depend on Javascript, and we do not offer alternatives.


When adding my widget in an iframe I get the message "Blocked by Content Security Policy

This page has a content security policy that prevents it from being loaded in this way.

Firefox prevented this page from loading in this way because the page has a content security policy that disallows it." It’s frustrating, why cant the twitter feed be as simple as the facebook page plugin ?