Twitter webhook not available



I am a developer for a social application i.e ,want to use webhook for real time update like facebook providing real time update for feeds .same i want for twitter feeds to be update without hitting API number of times .i have gone through the twitter developer document but have not found much information
regarding this .no example nothing provide in document.
twitter webhook not available for more than 10k users.
in document its shows available only for 50 users if you need more then 50 ask for permission
i mail them so many times but haven’t receive any reply yet.


The new Account Activity API is currently in beta as the service is tested and expanded. At the moment the only events available are Direct Messages, but more will be added in the future. We do have a sample application on Github that is aimed at using the API with our new Direct Message features.

We are onboarding new developer use cases on a gradual basis, and appreciate your patience.

The limitations you refer to will be lifted in the future when the platform is ready for general availability, and you should expect tiered access to the features.