Twitter web intents(tweet) is not open new pop-up window in android chrome browser when twitter mobile apps is install


i create twitter share button on by website.
i use this URL “” and bind the tweet event as describe in documentation.
It works fine on all devices(mobile, iPad, IPhone etc.) and desktop with all browser.

BUT in ‘android mobile’ (already installed the ‘twitter mobile App’) i open my site in chrome browser and try to tweet, then the twitter default popup window is not open. The tweet action is open in same window.

i need the default twitter popup window when i tweet on android with chrome and already installed the twitter app also.

Please Help ME.


Unfortunately no. The twitter app will open an /intent/tweet if it is installed and that’ll prevent the popup window. We are aware that the tweet event is broken when the android app opens instead of the popup window and will have a fix for that soon.