Twitter Web Forcing 'Text Only' Interface


I am a long time and heavy Twitter user. Over 76,000 tweets and never faced this problem before.

This morning, I logged into the standard web interface. It forced me to change password, as the ‘checking if you are a human’ options never worked in spite of repeated attempts (I never had to face this before too).

After that, I was able to reset password and login to Twitter. But it keeps forcing me to the non-graphic, text-only interface. In that I can only read tweets with lots of clutter, but can’t compose a tweet at all.

I tried many login attempts, cleared cookies, restarted my DSL router, restarted the computers and even reinstalled Firefox browser. Still same problem.

Is this something anyone has faced? Please suggest some help.

User @KiranKS

(I am using twitter from India, and there is some amount of selective account blocking & censorship going on at ISP level, forced by the goverment. I hope I am not a victim of that)

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