Twitter web card seems not good


did the following flow in the sandbox: campagin -> line item -> web card -> tweet -> promoted tweet (upload image before). here is the promoted tweet (uploaded different image from article - never mind)

So, not sure I’m following something - it doesn’t look like other promoted tweets… - for example - why it carries the actual link to the article? if I take an article and just copy the link to tweet about it I get something like that - so how can I imitiate that behavior in API?

on a different note - if I just want to promote url - why they force me to upload an image? seems like twitter knows how to crael article and extract nice image by itself when I’m tweeting urls manually. I’m asking that cause many articles contain (according to API) bad image sizing - but when I tweet the same url manually - twitter shows it nice in my feed…just want to promote urls…


You can consider that those are a special type of card because we are hosting the image (and the image format has to pass strict rules), versus the card you can produce outside Ads API crawls the image from the meta tags.

You can experiment with different types of creative even just including the link but website cards are generally run in conjunction with Website Conversion Tracking as mentioned here:
which links to It is usually important to set up a primary web event tag (“key conversion tag”) and other details so I would recommend to study about how the website campaigns are run through because it is important to be able to do those things via API as well. If you don’t care about tracking site visits and conversions, you can do TWEET_ENGAGEMENTS campaigns and experiment with other creative formats like images and videos.