Twitter Web Application Architecture


Hello everybody,

I am Tim, a web developer and student for IBM Germany, currently writing my Bachelor’s thesis. Main topic of my thesis is the applicability of Model-View-Controller on the Web, for Thin and Rich Clients.

I am writing a section on various possibilities to distribute the components of MVC on client and server. I was wondering if you could give some insight on how the Twitter web application solves this. Investigating HTTP requests, I found out that the whole list of the user’s followed people is loaded right at the beginning. Why is that? Is there a Model of followed people being maintained on the client side? Actually, do you maintain any Model on the client side? The lazy loading of Tweets, for example, could use a Tweets Model, but it also could be managed simply through the DOM.

If someone could get in touch with me about that and write a few lines, that would be great. If you do not want to or are not allowed to (it is your web applications architecture, not everybody wants to share that), that’s okay, I am probably too lazy to debug your code. But anyhow, I would be glad to hear from you Twitter developers :slight_smile:

Thanks you so much in advance, you are really helping me out here getting a good example for my thesis!


P.S.: Please let me know if this is the wrong place to ask that question


Hey actually I am Sarra, computer science student and I am looking for the same answer in order to write a report on it for my Sofwtare engineering module. Unfortunatly I have no answers. If you got it can you help me thanks