Twitter wall stuck on certain date?


Hello my twitter wall is stuck on a certain date and will only load the next tweet on if I delete an old tweet. Is the cache full? So say I tweet today, it’ll tweet on everyones wall and in my mentions fine. Then when I look at the “me tab” and it’ll show tweets from weeks ago, if I delete a tweet I can see it loads up the next tweet from say the next date on from where the wall is stuck.

Please don’t sent me to twitter support because I’ve sent them 15 emails and not one of them has been a human response. Cheers.


Hi @AVFCBowler.
This is a bug affecting many users (some since Feb) and no one has been able to get any response from @support or the twitter support email people. This bug is already being discused on existing threads here, e.g. see: and (plus others)

Basically, many of us are suffering this frustrating bug and are stuck for options - our profiles look like we have gone inactive when viewed on some platforms (including twitter on the web), but are variously fine, or halted at different dates, when viewed with other applications or mobile twitter.

BTW, when affected by this twitter bug, sometimes users from other parts of the world can see your full profile OK, while others can’t. I CAN actually see all your tweets (right up to an hour ago) when I view your profile on web twitter, even though you can’t from your location (I’m looking from Australia).

The only good news is that a few users have reported things coming back to normal after a few weeks, but I haven’t been that lucky yet :frowning:


How come video thumbnails aren’t showing up on my pictures/videos thingy??